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ニュースや情報、伝えたい話があれば、WordPressにログインすることで始めます。管理パネル > 投稿 > 新規投稿と進みます。そこで、タイトルを決め、情報を入力し、カテゴリ・タグを選び、他の詳細を書き留め、クリックして公開します。

もしなにかサイトに新たにアップロードしたい画像、動画、音楽があれば、記事を書いているときか、管理パネル > メディア > 新規追加 サブパネルに切り替えるかして、WordPressに画像を追加します。そして、これらを新しい投稿に挿入するか、管理パネル > 投稿 > 投稿 サブパネルから画像を追加したい投稿を選んで編集します。公開ボタンをクリックするとその記事が公開されます。




サイトの内容を仕上げたら、自分の言っていることについて何を言っているか見つけ出す時間です。コメント > コメント サブパネルで、サイトに投稿されたコメントを詳しく見ることができます。もし承認待ちのコメントがあれば、他のコメントより薄く色づいて表示されているでしょう。コメントサブパネルから、コメントにアクセスし、承認することができます。消し去りたいときは削除をクリックします。

The Moderation Panel will segregate the comments awaiting moderation from the rest of the comments if you have set your Administration > Settings > Discussion to moderate all comments. This allows for quick and easy comment moderation.

Determining which comments to keep and delete is a challenge. Be aware that often nice comments like "I really like your site. Keep up the great work." and "It shows you put a lot of time and effort in this. Thanks." might be benign comments, or more likely comment spam. To help you determine and check on what might be comment spam, and how to increase your protection against comment spammers, the Codex has articles to help you out.

Users and Authors

If you have set your site set up to allow users to register/en and submit articles, stop by your Users panel to check on those who have registered and make any adjustments to their User Levels as needed.

If you do allow users to post articles, be sure to check the Administration > Posts > Posts for any newly posted articles in the Drafts or Pending status awaiting your review and release.

Check The Dashboard

At this point your daily tasks are about complete. Your site is up-to-date and on its way to entertaining and educating the world. But there is one last task you might want to check. Stop by your WordPress Administration > Dashboard > Dashboard panel and check to see if there are any new activities going on in the WordPress Community, especially any announcements about upgrades.

While there, take advantage of your handy "To Do List" featured on the Dashboard. This lists your most recently released posts, the next batch of scheduled entries, recent comments, blog stats, and incoming links (referrers). This helpful information lets you know what has been released to the public from your site, what is next on the list, and shows you at a glance, the most recent comments.

The blog stats and incoming links give you different information. The Stats give you information about how many posts, comments, and categories are on your site. While this isn't really critical information, you can use it as a general scoreboard or counter. The incoming links information tells you who has pinged or trackbacked to your site. This helps your link popularity for your site and gives you an idea of who thought your site's material was worthy of praise.

And if you need a little guilt, at the bottom of the page you will see a list of your Drafts, waiting to be done.

Administration Tasks

As the administrator or site owner, there are a few more tasks you should add to your schedule. These do not have to be done daily, but they still need to be done on a regular basis. Many of these are outlined in the articles WordPress Housekeeping/en and WordPress Site Maintenance/en. In general they are:

More Administration Resources

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